Maths Tuition

Our experience of teaching Maths

Robert has many years' experience of tutoring mathematics, with a very high success rate. The children he has taught for Key Stage 2 maths have been delighted by his creative ways of engaging them in a subject they may previously have struggled with. In getting to know the pupil, it doesn't take long to identify where the child needs help with their math. If your child is having difficulties with maths at junior school, do contact Robert for a chat about maths tutoring.

Robert is a highly recommended GCSE maths tutor. He often makes use of past exam papers in his lessons, setting the pupil one or two questions to look at for five minutes and then using these for discussion and instruction. Because maths is a network of ideas, Robert can follow whatever thread on the network the pupil needs. There is always a way of explaining a topic - it is a matter of choosing which one works for the individual pupil.

Mary has a degree in Mathematics and French and has wide-ranging experience of tutoring maths, including most A Level topics. She helped two A Level students who were taught by her rather than the school they were attending and has also taught university students. Mary has got GCSE pupils through their exam and has also supported children lower down the school. She has a great love of mathematics and her enthusiasm and ease with the subject inspires confidence in her pupils.

Our Maths Downloads page has lots of worksheets for you to print out and get some good practice in the basics of Maths. Do use them! They will help you!

Maths Step by Step

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